Who We Are

A driven driveway team

At Driveways, we’re a team of builders, construction workers and other specialists who know all about driveways. As a New Zealand owned and operated company, our experts have built a wide array of asphalt and concrete driveways for Auckland properties, both residential and

Why Us?

We are your one-stop specialist for driveway construction in Auckland. We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated, based here in Auckland specializing in driveway construction. Setting the standard for great quality asphalt and concrete services throughout the area. We are happy to come out and give an obligation free quote for your needs.


Our company has an extremely dedicated team with a vast array of skills and abilities. We are more than happy to discuss small, medium or large driveway projects with you and the array of options we have available. We are here to try and work towards the best option for you and your budget while ensuring the highest standards towards safety and quality. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote or to discuss your ideas further.


We aim to have outstanding quality along with great workmanship. We drive to work with your budget and provide top service for every job, small or large.


Our expert team have a vast array of knowledge regarding materials, textures, construction, look and feel for driveways. We pride ourselves immensely on our hands on approach and being a reliable service for you as a customer. Over the years we have worked on many projects, some small to some large and some very complicated to some very straightforward, this coupled with commercial and domestic experience we now have a reputable history that we are delighted with.


Our focus is heavily on the health and safety area of the construction industry, where our aim is to provide a safe environment, great leadership, efficient systems to support a positive culture for health and safety in New Zealand.